Zebra Home Cinema

Welcome to Zebra Home Cinema. Our aim is to design and install the best home entertainment experience to suit your budget, your space and your lifestyle.

What is a home cinema or media room?

Design & Installation of Home Cinema & Music Systems featuring World Class audio technology

This is your preferred space at home to enjoy all the various types of audio-visual media in the best way. Commercial cinema blockbusters are released on home media platforms much earlier than before and many of us prefer to watch movies, TV and enjoy music in the privacy of our own homes with our family and friends.

Bespoke installations can be accommodated in pretty much any living space you want. For those who really want to enjoy the true magic of the big screen, there’s only one option – using a projection system and large screen in a room where the light can be properly controlled.

What equipment do I need for a home cinema?

In any home cinema system, we need an audio processor (to decode digital information from discs or media that’s being streamed) and power amplification (sending the appropriate signals to the loudspeakers).

The most convenient and cost-effective solution is to have an Audio-Visual Receiver (AVR) where all of this is contained in one box. However, if you can afford to, there are major advantages by separating these technologies for much better performance.

Loudspeakers have simply one function – to accurately reproduce recorded source material. A basic Dolby Digital 5.1 system will comprise of 3 front speakers (left and right channels and a centre channel usually for speech), a pair of surround channels and a subwoofer to produce low frequency bass (the boom and drama speaker!). Dolby Atmos and DTS-X enabled systems include extra ‘height channels’ to create a more immersive ‘object based’ experience.

The choice of speaker design and technology depends on the application and size of the room. You don’t need big floor-standing speakers to play loudly and accurately.

The systems we use can be installed discretely to match your interior design. The room also affects the way that sound is perceived from the listening position – digital room correction technology has a crucial role in reducing negative effects of the room so as to ensure that your speakers always sound incredible, wherever they’re placed.

Your visual display will either be a flat panel LED or OLED/QLED television which is the most versatile and cost effective solution, however nothing quite matches the magic of movies using a projector and screen.

Performance of projectors varies according to the contrast and brightness levels of the lamps – deeper blacks and brighter whites tend to produce a much better image. Controlling the light of the room properly during projection will also improve the picture quality significantly.

How much does a home cinema system cost?

In short, it doesn’t have to cost the earth…. but the sky’s the limit! This all depends on your expectations and goals.

Our music audio systems start from just over £4000 and our surround sound audio systems start from £3,000.

On average for most projects, approximately 60% of the overall cost is towards equipment and 40% is usually towards installation.

Installation rates vary depending on the complexity of the project and start from £250 per day.

How is the system designed and installed?

We arrange a free consultation at your home and discuss your requirements and expectations.

Following this we use CAD tools to help design your project and select the most appropriate equipment to achieve the best performance possible for your budget.

Our aim is to exceed your every expectation! We work closely with carefully selected teams from all trades and disciplines to complete your project.

We are quite happy to collaborate with your preferred contractors, architects and interior designers on shared projects as well.

How long does it take to install?

A basic installation may only take a day or two but more complex and bespoke projects may take a several weeks – this all depends on the exact requirements as well as coordination with other ongoing work at the same site.

Can I upgrade my existing home cinema system?

Absolutely – we would use any existing cabling or infrastructure if it’s suitable and simply upgrade particular components.

How do I operate the home cinema?

There are a variety of options available and we will share our recommendations based on your lifestyle and habits.

We would suggest particular control systems if your aim is to integrate the home cinema system with any other functions in the home or commercial space, such as security, lighting and heating.

Which brands of equipment do you suggest for a home cinema?

We only use reliable and trusted brands for all components, including electronics and cabling, to minimise any complications down the line.

We carefully select systems to suit your budget and lifestyle based on our own personal experience and expertise. This is also the main purpose in offering demonstrations. Please check our services and products section for more details.

Can I book a demonstration at Zebra Home Cinema?

We would love for you to visit! Contact us to book your private demonstration or for any further questions.